Try Not to Die: At Grandma's epub


Are You Ready to Try Not to Die? (Teen and Young Adult Horror)


It's Grandma's House - quiet, cozy, nestled on a mountain in West Virginia. What could possibly go wrong? A lot, actually. Horrific accidents, despicable creatures, a vile beast, and detestable grandparents leap off of the pages. So watch your back and choose wisely. One misstep will get you and your little sister killed.

I forgot how much fun a Choose Your Adventure book can be. - jayt

˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Stayed up all night trying not to die in the story. - C.

˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Thank you for bringing back CYA (choose your adventure) in a contemporary twisted way. - jthomato

Grab a copy and try not to die today!