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"Still, it's a work that should be on the reading list of any MMA fan. A sometimes-engaging but scattershot book that's part memoir, part journalism,and part inspirational self-help." - Kirkus Review

"UNLOCKING THE CAGE offers a fast-paced, enjoyable ride through the surprisingly poignant and peaceful word of mixed martial arts and boxing gyms." - IndieReader

Mark Tullius is an Ivy League graduate, author, and former MMA fighter. After graduating from Brown University, Mark became a body guard and quickly discovered his passion for MMA, even competing in events like Super Brawl and Extreme Challenge. The question he was always asked, but could never answer was, “Why? Why fight?” After eight years away from the cage, Mark is jumping back into the world of fighting with his book/sociological study, Unlocking the Cage, hoping to discover the true identity of MMA fighters and finally answer the question of why he, along with hundreds of other men and women, chose to fight in the first place.


What’s different about Mark’s book?

Instead of interviewing a handful of elite fighters, Mark traveled to every corner of the country, looking to train at different gyms and find fighters interested in showing the world who they are and why they fight. He finished the project after visiting 100 gyms and interviewing 340 fighters.



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